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Here's some frequently asked questions that I ask myself since no one has asked me questions yet.

What are the usecases for hrddt? I wrote this hoping people would use it as a redditpost-to-podcast service so instead of wasting time reading reddit during work, you could listen to it like a podcast. The original usecases for me were for me to listen to /r/askreddit and /r/relationship_advice threads for fun.
Why does it keep playing even after I refresh the page/close the tab? Use the stop button even if you refresh/closed the tab and it will force the voice to stop talking. I think this specifically happens on Chrome. But for some reason, Chrome has decided not to implement something that automatically stops the audio when the window changes. Not sure why but it's pretty much out of my control/not worth the time.
I can't hear anything?! Check your volume. Check your browser compatibility. Unfortunately, the SpeechSynthesis API is an experimental one so it's only on specific/newer browsers and is sometimes buggy.
Can you implement x feature? Please send me an email at and if it's a great idea, I'll take it on!
Something broke! Help! Open the developer console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I and take a picture of the console. Please send me an email at with what happened/what link you were trying to listen to and I'll take a look as soon as possible.
Privacy Policy? Don't know how to write one but outside of seeing generic analytics like what country you're from and what html/css/js files you accessed, I can't see anything else. This site is stateless so no data or even code is server-side. Though I guess I'm curious as to what subreddits people will use this on but maybe I'll put a survey up for that.


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